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-Gin's POV-

Izuru had a boyfriend named Shuhei and Kensei and Mashiro had a step son named Shuhei too. I was friends with the kid Shuhei until he died by getting run over by a drunk. Rangiku, the rest of my friends, and I were very sad for a really long time. Shuhei's mom couldn't stop crying for a very long time. She was the one who the saddest of us all.

-Shinji's POV-

Lil' Shuhei was the step son of Mashiro and Kensei. Poor kid got ran over by a drunk driver. The guy was arrested and sent to Jail. Lil' Shuhei was cremated. Kensei had a service for him at the house (with Aizen's permission). Poor Gin and his friends were depressed about Lil' Shuhei's death. They didn't have energy for going through the day.

The person who was the most effected by the boy's death was Mashiro. She was chronically depressed. She couldn't eat, work, and speak clearly. All she could was cry, walk very slow, and sleep (after crying for a long time).  Thankfully the children are in a support group support. Mashiro and Kensei are seeing a therapist togethers.

I myself have taken over the house hold since Aizen had to leave on a last minute emergency trip to London. Nothing marjor has happened so thankfully things have been going well. The only time I was under stress was during a thunder storm last weekend. I have a fear of thunder storms.

Ever since I was a kid I've always been afraid of thunder storms. Why? The sound of thunder frightens me and the sight of lightning flashing in front of me scares me to death. I never got over the fear. I just hide away somewhere dark and cover my ears. When I hide I make sure to pick a place where no one can find me in the building.

Ever since Aizen left I've been thinking about him. A lot. If I'm not doing something then I space out and think about him. I can't get him out of mind. At first I thought I just missed him but I'm in love. Everyone I talked to about this agrees with me.

I've thought what Aizen said and decided that when I see him I'll confess to him how I feel and quiet the job of being Gin's nanny.

-Aizen's POV-

Being away from home is very hard especially if you're thinking of someone, someone you love to death. It's even worse when you when you know you kid is depressed. Ulquiorra has been keeping me up to date with what was going back in Japan through email.

I've been thinking about Shinji like crazy. Lately I've been thinking about him more than any other time I've though about him.

The think I about the most about the man is his word on my confession. It's hard to not worry about the responds.
Good thing I head back home tomorrow.

-Shinji's POV-

It's been two hours since Gin went to bed, an hour since Ulquiorra went home, and and hour since the other maids and butlers called it a night. I was in the  living-room when the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Is this Shinji Hirako?"

"You're speaking to him. Who is this?"

"My name is Isane. I'm calling you to let you know your- friends Sousuke is in the hospital."

"What happened?"

"Come by tomorrow and you will get the details." I was disconnected. The only thing on my mind were a couple of questions. "What happened?" and "Was he ok?"

I was inspired to write this from a picture I saw of Aizen, Shinji, and Gin. Gin and Shinji had fox ears and tails and I'm not sure what Aizen had... I think squirrel ears and tail. There was candy and other sweets in the background.

Plus I like writing about Aizen & Shinji

If I made any mistakes just tell me in a comment.
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